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Cat Fines are aluminum and silicon compounds used in the production of fuels in the refineries. These parts are very fine. And their surface is heavily porous and sharp-edged. They usually remain in the fuels even after the manufacturing process. Many filter elements and their fabrics are not able to filter these fine particles out of the fuels. Thus, the CatFines get into the moving parts of the engine and cause severe damage after only 200-300 hours of operation.

CatFines. Small and treacherous.

The engine manufacturers have reacted to this and issued a new guideline for the filtration of CAT Fines. Filtrators (filters+separators) are used on many ships, but really efficient protection is only possible via the filter system. For this purpose, a filter fabric must be used that is fine on the one hand and very resistant on the other. Whether the filter fabric is fine enough can only be found out by special laboratory tests.

Solutions for particularly small particles

The solution:
Special particularly fine filters.

Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH® has developed filter elements for the most common systems of the brand manufacturers, which are able to filter out the 10mü small CatFines and meet the specifications of the engine manufacturers. Besides, we still guarantee a high flow rate due to a large cross-section. Numerous laboratory tests have confirmed the filtration rate and the quality of the filters. Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH® thus provides filter elements that meet the highest standards, protect engines but are still absolutely economical. An innovation!


By Fil-tec Rixen GmbH®

Air filters filter the exhaust gases emitted by ships. Liquids are used for this purpose, which wash the dirt particles out of the exhaust gases in the stack. In this way, fewer pollutants are released into the emitted air. But what happens to the remaining contaminated liquid? This is collected in large tanks until it can be offloaded at a port and disposed of at great expense. Transport and subsequent water treatment in wastewater treatment plants cost money.

Innovation for less scrubber water

Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH® is researching a filtration solution that reduces these costs. The filtration systems filter the contaminants out of the cleaning liquid until it is almost drinking water quality. Instead of tons of contaminated fluid, you’re left with a few less cubic yards of waste. You dump the waste much cheaper at the ports and the water can be discharged directly into the sea. Less cost, less hassle, cleaner water. Cheap and sustainable.

Clean exhaust gases without effort

Filter elements for complex requirements.
For clean wastewater.

For this purpose, we develop a filter element that meets the complex requirements. Different particle sizes require special filter materials that can withstand coarse pieces as well as filter out the finest particles. Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH® combines filter technology and biochemistry to find a cost-effective and, above all, clean solution. For more innovations in sustainability.
Ecological sustainability is also becoming more and more of an issue in shipping. In the future, ships will no longer run on heavy oil and auxiliary diesel. The future of the industry is trending toward liquefied natural gas (LNG). Similar to heavy fuel oil and diesel, these gases must be filtered to prevent contamination in engines that can cause damage. However, gas filtration brings new challenges: changing fuels, higher pressures, higher filtration rates. The existing filter solutions are not made for this.

Gas filter: complex problem

Gas filters bring new problems with them. The filters have to filter much finer with 1-2mü instead of the previous 50-60mü. The filters must now withstand higher gas pressures without losing service life. And they must not react chemically with the gases. To avoid having to replace entire systems, the new elements must still fit into the old systems. With all these new requirements, the filters must still last a long time and remain cost-effective. High purity in small filtration areas with long service life. A complex technical challenge that has to be solved.

Filtration of liquid gas.

The solution for new challenges:
Other particles. Other media. Other pressures.

Here, Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH® is researching a solution for filter elements that can be integrated into the existing filter systems and withstand the new challenges: completely particle-free gas, high pressures, modified chemical processes. We are developing filter elements for the various new applications that can be easily integrated into existing filter systems. With improved filter technologies and new metal mesh materials.


By Fil-tec Rixen GmbH®

If cooling lubricants are used in chip-removing machines, the fluid is contaminated by the removed materials such as metal splinters or other particles. Since the cooling lubricants are directly fed back to the moving parts of the machine, they must have a special purity. Otherwise, the production parts could be impaired. Especially in the case of high-precision parts, this would be fatal. Contaminated cooling lubricants also lead to wear on the tools and the machine. This must not happen with large systems and specific tools.

Cooling lubricants: filtration in industry

Filter systems and elements that filter cooling lubricants must therefore be able to filter out a wide range of particle sizes and different materials. At the same time, the filter fabric must be able to withstand the sharp-edged, hard chips of metal and other materials. In addition, the filters must be resilient to heat as the cooling lubricants remove it from the cutting process.

Filtration for industrial use.

Filtration solutions. Suitable for maschines and plants.

Resistant and flexible to use.

Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH® develops highly individual filter solutions for its customers here, which can be used precisely for the various machines. Whether directly in the machine or in the side stream. The filter fabrics are resistant to various material resistances and temperature. A long service life also ensures infrequent replacement, because every maintenance interval leads to a production standstill and thus to direct loss of sales. Nevertheless, Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH® is aware of the price pressure, especially in the supplier industry, which is why we have specialized in the development of particularly economical elements.


By Fil-tec Rixen GmbH®