Oil Care

Centrifuges, separators and oil traps.

For a significant improvement of oil quality.

For more purity. for lower costs.

01 Cost reduction

Proper oil care improves purity and extends the life span of filters and engines.

02 Increased performance

Less repairs and revisions, more machine hours!

03 Reliability

No more unplanned failures or frequent oil changes.

Centrifuge or bypass filtration.

Centrifuges separate larger dirt particles from oil or other media. Through centrifugal force. All impurities with a higher density than the medium being filtered are removed.

The Mann&Hummel centrifuges made by Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH® offer support during filtration processes. They can either be added to a system separately or are part of a complete system.


For more purity. For more efficiency.



with Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH®

Bilge water separators and oil traps.

Bilge oil or bilge water describes a mixture of water and oil that is composed of different components. Engine and lube oil, fuel, detergents, cleaning water and condensate.

To be collected and more importantly returned, bilge water must be free of all these components. Otherwise, it will damage the natural marine balance. Separators guarantee the removal of all harmful residue from the water. So that you can return it to the sea at any location.