Offlinefilter Triple R

Since October 2019 Fil-Tec Rixen is a distribution partner of the bypass filtration & -cleaning specialist TRIPLE R! 

With its highly developed bypass- & main stream filtration systems Triple R is able to clean almost all liquids, such as fuel oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil, cooling lubricants, etc. The used filter cartridges are capable of holding onto water and particles as small as 3μm. 

In our download-section you can find information brochures regarding maritime- & inland shipping industry, wind power, refrigeration industry, injection molding, energy (industry), as well as brochures regarding mobile hydraulic systems. 

There is also technical information regarding sizes and flow rates of each system. We are also able to offer solutions for special cases. 

For queries and further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

AL300 Bypass-Oil-Cleaner on the Main Engine 

Removal of particles, water, and paints. 

Mobile Set of Oil Cleaners 

Single Oil Cleaner 

Sample Element