Mobile Filtration

Mobile filtration systems for a host of applications, such as the pre-cleaning of bilge water, heating circuit water, drinking water, technical water, cooling lubricants, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil in internal combustion engines, to name just a few, are as important a part of our production and product line as completely stationary systems.

Separators in the bypass can remove contaminant particles up to 75 μ from coolant and cooling lubricants without the use of filter aids. 0.7 m³/h to 1800 m³/h. Particle diameters up to 9 mm. Supplied with manual or automatic sludge discharge. The operating pressure accelerates the contaminated liquid via tangential slots / holes into the separating chamber. The rotation of the liquid creates a central vortex. The resulting centrifugal forces hurl the solid materials to the outside wall of the separation chamber.

Due to the gravitational force and the flow, the solid materials sink in the calmed fluid of the collection chamber and settle at the bottom. The sedimentation is discharged at intervals. Can be used e.g. for the pre-separation of parts coming from production that have been washed, such as crankcases or cylinder heads.

Key technical data of the systems:

Output: 10-75 l/min

Temperature: 10°C – 80°C

Medium: Water, mineral oils

Grades of filtration: 3 µm- 2000 µm