Filter components and accessories

Besides developing and improving filter elements, Fil-Tec also offers a comprehensive service surrounding the supply of filter components and accessories. For the new generation of fully automatic backwashing filters, Fil-Tec uses exclusively quality filter components either from its own production or from other German manufacturers producing with state-of-the-art methods. In order to ensure the correct function of the older generation of fully automatic backwashing filters, we also supply a complete range of first-rate, German manufactured components for these types of filters.

We are also able to custom manufacture any spare part for older automatic filter types on the basis of a sample or drawing, if required. Of course, as part of Fil-Tec’s complete filter service, we are also able to supply quality-tested accessories, such as

pneumatic equipment accessories, electrical parts, valves, seals, etc. Call our sales office. We guarantee the shortest possible delivery times from our warehouse in Hamburg.