Fil-Tec ultrasonic units – highly effective cleaning

The superior, technically best cleaning effect provided by Fil-Tec ultrasonic equipment cannot be attained by conventional methods. Even stubborn dirt in drill-holes and cavities is removed to perfection by ultrasonic treatment. No other cleaning method achieves even remotely equivalent results when it comes to cleaning filter elements.

Nevertheless, a careful check for mechanical damage to the filter elements is still necessary.

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is based on cavitation. An ultrasonic generator produces energy and these frequencies are converted into mechanical energy by piezoelectric transducers. They produce unstable bubbles in the cleaning liquid, which implode in the liquid as a result of the movement and produce pressure pulses in turn. The resulting cavitation is the most effective and most thorough cleaning method of all. The potential applications of ultrasonic cleaning are virtually unlimited. This deep-down cleaning is particularly beneficial for cleaning candle filters, for the cleaning action is very gentle to the material despite the cavitation.

The FIL-TEC RIXEN type FT80H – FTS3300HM ultrasonic units offer virtually all of the technical know-how with a proven track record that is around today. The new devices support the ultrasonic cleaning effect better than ever before. The service life of the equipment is extended by the sophisticated technology and types of materials used. The new design is functional and more contemporary. The virtually perfect cleaning results obtained from ultrasonic cleaning in manufacturing processes and servicing can be attributed to the Fil-Tec performance transducer systems with 37 kHz of ultrasonic power.

With the sweep function developed by Fil-Tec, a homogeneous sound field distribution is ensured by the continuous shifting of the sound peaks.  The degassing function used in the new devices efficiently accelerates the degassing of the cleaning liquid, particularly in freshly mixed baths. The automatic degassing mode before the start of cleaning or degassing for certain tasks can be set manually. During heavy-duty continuous operation, it becomes immediately obvious that the new units with their practical features have no trouble at all meeting the needs in the field.

The special functions, features and benefits

The FIL-TEC RIXEN type FT80H – FTS3300HM ultrasound devices include a range of 9 sizes available with tank capacities of 9 to 257 litres. They are equipped with efficient 37kHz ultrasonic transducers of the latest generation.

  • The cleaning process is supported by a dry-run protected heater (optional)
  • The control panel is user-friendly, concise and designed so that no liquid can penetrate into the electronics
  • The cleaning tanks are made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel
  • The switchable sweep function uses frequency modulation to ensure an optimum distribution of the sound field in the cleaning liquid
  • The fill line is integrated
  • The cleaning time is shown both as the set time and remaining time in an LED display
  • The rotary switch for the pre-selection of the cleaning time can be set to continuous duty or short-time duty
  • The de-gassing function allows for faster de-gassing of the cleaning liquid. Another advantage is the timed „Auto de-gas“ function for efficient de-gassing in fresh cleaning liquid
  • For safety reasons, the device switches off automatically after 12 hours
  • Temperature settings from 30 ° to 80 ° C in increments of  5 ° can be selected with the rotary switch. The setpoint and actual value of the liquid temperature is clearly visible in an LED display
  • The cleaning process can be switched on at any time manually or is temperature-controlled