FT31 Degreaser/ ultrasonic cleaning

Fil-Tec FT31 is a liquid detergent designed for a broad spectrum of applications. It can be used for virtually all cleaning and degreasing tasks.


  • is water-based
  • is mildly alkaline
  • has a boiling point in excess of 100°C
  • is not environmentally hazardous
  • Standard container 33 kg

FT31 is very economical to use for slightly greasy substances as the mixing ratio is 1:100. Since it is classified as a non-hazardous product, FT31 is not subject to any transport restrictions.

FT200 for ultrasonic cleaning

The detergent FT200 has been developed for use in ultrasonic units and is ideally suited to cleaning all steel and stainless steel parts.

  • Long lifetime in the bath
  • Temperature-stable
  • Extends the cleaning intervals for the candle filters
  • High dilution with water, therefore extremely economical
  • De-emulsifying
  • Standard container 33 kg

FT440 Oil and soot sludge remover

FT440 is a high performance solvent mixture for dissolving grease and oil sludge, and is particularly suitable for pre-cleaning of candle filters and filter elements (fuel, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil). Furthermore, it is used for cleaning separators and housings, and can also be used in immersion baths.

  • is a very fast-acting degreaser
  • can be disposed of in the sludge tank
  • extremely fast cleaning results
  • long lifetime in immersion bath
  • Standard container 33 kg