Fil-Tec Differential-Pressure Indicator Type : FT4.36.2


Build-up of differential-pressure across the Filter is a measure of the degree of contamination on the filterelement. The Fil-Tec Differential-Pressure Indicator is rugged, compact and designed to allow the condition of the filter-element to be checked at a glance. As the pressure-differential increases, the display increasingly shows a red-face in direct proportion to the contamination of the element. The pre-set maximum value of differentialpressure is reached when the display shows an all red-face. The operator at all times can thus monitor the filter’s performance. The Differential-Pressure Indicator FT4.36.2 is equipped with integral electrical contacts. The 2 independently switched outputs can be used either as switches or as alarm-contacts.

Design and Operation

Housings of Differential-Pressure Indicators are made of coated die-cast aluminium: The piston is held in ‘Zero’ position by a spring. As differential-pressure rises with increasing contamination, the piston is displaced against the force of the spring, a movement which is converted magnetically into rotation of the indicator-disc corresponding to the displacement of the piston: with the result that red areas appear in the visual display.  When the windows show all-red, the maximum value of the pre-set differential-pressure range has been reached. The Fil-Tec Differential-Pressure Indicator Type : FT4.36.2 reads at-filter; and also signals alarm at main Control-panel the contacts of the 2 reed-switches are activated magnetically, respectively at 75 % and 100 % of differential-pressure’s maximum value as pre-set. All Differential-Pressure Indicators are set for the differentialpressure range required for the Plant  by installation of appropriate springs, factory-fitted.

Technical Data


Protection-class : IP 65

Switched voltage : 230 V

Frequency : 0-60 Hz

Operating pressure (max.) : 160 bar

Operating temperature (max.) : 150 °C

Differential press. range : 0,5; 0,8; 1,2; 2,0; 3,0 bar