Centrifugal Oil Cleaners FM400/600/200

  • Rotor dirt capacity: 4/6/2 litres
  • Rotor oil capacity: 4,5/6,5/2,2 litres
  • Minimum oil feed pipe size 19/19/12 mm internal  diameter
  • Minimum oil drain pipe size 76/76/50 mm internal  diameter
  • The centrifuges are available with a cleanable rotor  and are equipped with paper insert to improve service­ability
  • Oil inlet threads and Cut Off Valve (C.O.V.) ratings can be tailored to suit customers requirements
  • For this centrifuge the following items are available:  〈 mounting plate assembly 〈 set of paper inserts 〈 tailor made mounting brackets
  • Net weight: 22/25/9,5 kg


Centrifugal Oil Cleaners – the ingenious solution for many applications…

MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaners are internationally recognised in providing superior bypass filtration for the removal of contaminant from the lubricating oil of diesel engines. The technology can also be successfully used for gear-boxes, hydraulics and other industrial fluids.

We have received following feedback from shipping  companies:

Carl Büttner GmbH & Co. KG

ν “Substantially extending life of the lub oil filter for the auxiliary diesel engines after installation and commissioning of the centrifuge. The cleaning interval extended from approximately 500 hours to 1200 hours.”

Reederei Bartels

ν “The filter candles of the automatic filter for MaK engines had to be cleaned by hand 2-3 times during a voyage. After the installation of the centrifuge there was no need to clean by hand up to now. The reason is that the fine dirt, which clogs the mesh of the filter, is filtered by the centrifuge.”


  • Extended lube oil life 〈 Lower costs)
  • Extended oil filter life
  • Reduced operational and maintenence costs
  • Reduced engine wear particle count
  • Reduced contamination
  • Lifetime component
  • Few spare parts required
  • Few ancillary installation parts
  • Lower oil filter consumption〈 disposal / purchasing costs
  • Lower oil consumption〈 disposal / purchasing costs
  • Attractive return investment
  • Reduced component wear 〈 longer engine life
  • Easier and reduced maintenance costs
  • Off engine mounting
  • Easy installation in Bypass
  • With external Pump 〈Off engine filtration possible  when oil is still warm
  • Optimal rotation speed by higher pressure (Please see graphics)