Our philosophy

The smooth functioning of plant, power and process engineering calls for a state of purity that is attained instantly. Only when this has been guaranteed in the form of high-quality filter elements is ecological and economical operation ensured. Filters are ubiquitous and used for everything imaginable.

Axiomatically, it means that filters are mass-produced articles. But to us, that doesn’t mean that the quality has to suffer for it. Our mission and calling is to improve the living conditions of people by ensuring that systems operate properly, and that they are protected by effective filtration. Filtration, therefore, means safety for man and machines, because

  • filtration protects nature and man against harmful substances
  • filtration improves the quality of operating supplies in machinery, thus enhancing its utility and service life
  • filtration helps to reduce the consumption of operating supplies, thereby ultimately improving efficiency and saving resources

FIL-TEC RIXEN GmbH is aware of this great responsibility and has the filtration know-how and qualifications necessary for fulfilling these criteria sufficiently. Through many years of exploring the factors that impact systems, and through fault detection and the analysis of interactions, we are now in the position to offer a wide range of filters offering functional reliability and security.

Purity and efficiency are our calling